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My wife loved the flowers…

I’m not a flower person and the advice I from Clara at Marlow was perfect. My wife loved the flowers and really loved getting them at work. Thanks Clara!

A Google+ User

Every single arrangement was stunning…

We chose Marlow Floralworks for our wedding reception and Clara made the entire process absolutely painless.

My wife and I were married in Thailand and we wanted our wedding reception flowers to match as closely as possible. Clara asked for photos from our wedding and went to work researching what was available in Canada.

On the day of our reception everything was delivered on time and, most importantly, every single arrangement was stunning. She was able to match almost every single flower we had in Thailand and everything she created was exactly what we had hoped for.

We had so many compliments on the arrangements and people were fighting to take flowers home at the end of the night!

Thank you Clara, everything was absolutely amazing!

I have purchased flowers many other times over the years and each and every arrangement has been stunning.

Jeff F., Calgary, AB 

A bouquet of flowers from Marlow is the perfect way

Never buy crap off the shelf at some ftd scam franchise. it will contain a trite boquet of roses and daisies. worse than trite, it’s a rip off.

Whenever I need flowers for one of my honeys, I call M.F. (lolz), tell them how much i’m willing to spend, what colours to (or not to) use, and when i’ll be picking up. they are always on time and they make a great bouquet. every time i have given these out, i have received comments/text messages 3-5 days later informing me how nice they look and smell.

Unfortunately, calgary isn’t mexico city where $0.15 gets you a dozen fresh alcatrazes. Comparatively speaking, I find the value to be very good. $40 gets a very nice huge bouquet of un-bloomed flowers (i know there’s a word better for ‘un-bloomed’ out there).

A bouquet of flowers from Marlow is the perfect way to re-build the bridge between you and your girlfriend the morning after you get physically carried out of broken city by four hipster bouncers…along with breakfast, an apology, and a promise never to drink….for five days OR two dates.

Cornelius V, Houston, USA
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