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Office Plant Service

Plants help bring amazing life into any office or home workspace! We will ensure your plants stay healthy and look beautiful all year round with our Plant Care and Maintenance Service .

One of our plant care professionals will advise you on the best spot for your plants (depending on light, water and humidity) to dress up your space.

Plant Care & Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Weekly water application
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Potting soil and repotting (if necessary)
  • Rotation for even growth
  • Dusting and cleaning
  • Pest management (if necessary)

Plant Purchase & Maintenance

Pay for your planters and plants over the span of a year with our annual purchase contract, which includes our Plant Care & Maintenance Service. Just ask for our monthly payment option.

The benefit of plants in the workplace

Natural solution for cleaner indoor air

Reduction of carbon dioxide

Natural way to boost creativity

Decreased stress and increase productivity

Reduces tension and anxiety

Reduces fatigue

Absorbs background noise

Contributes to a healthy lifestyle

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